A continuación encontrará respuestas a las preguntas más frecuentes que surgen antes de seleccionar una buenas empresa de limpieza.

¿ Debo contratar el servicio o hacerlo con el personal propio ?

Pocas empresas quedan ya que utilicen personal propio. Si contrata una empresa profesional, ésta le resolverá sus problemas empleando menos horas que las que usted emplearía con su propio personal e incrementará notablemente la calidad de la limpieza. Tendrá más tiempo para dedicar a su negocio.

¿Es bueno cambiar a menudo de empresa de limpieza?

No. La costumbre de cambiar de empresa de limpieza cada año suele producir los peores resultados, pues el contratista, al ser reemplazado cada año, no se esforzará en mantener el nivel de calidad acordado. Buscar una relación a largo plazo con el empresa de limpieza permite a ésta conocer mejor las instalaciones y las necesidades de los c6ientes.

¿Debo cerciorarme de que cumpla la Ley de Prevención de Riesgos Laborales?

Sin duda. Esta ley establece sanciones muy importantes …………Ver artículo completo


Fowler pushes his arm back to ward off King.

The latter is probably going to be disregarded because they were both making a bona fide play on the ball and the responsibility of the holding was not clear. Their arms got tangled, but is that a hold? Maybe.

Fowler pushes his arm back to ward off King. Did that cause the entanglement? From the angle of the covering official it’s tough to see and assess cause and responsibility. The best position to see the arm tangle is from the former position of the umpire behind the defensive line, but he’s no longer there.

And if Keenum gets hurt? Minnesota’s backup — technically its fourth-string passer — is Kyle Sloter, a Southern Mississippi wide receiver who spent exactly one season as a starting quarterback after transferring to FCS Northern Colorado.

Panic index: This is fine — if Bradford is back soon. But it’s understandable if Vikings fans are concerned about a knee injury to their quarterback, especially one who has torn his ACL twice. But Zimmer, for one, isn’t ready to concede anything:

As for the restriction at the top of the route, given the push-off by Fowler and the amount of hand-fighting that goes on between receivers and defenders at the snap, it’s more than understandable why any official would look off of this less than two yards deep.

Yet there’s one more element to this play that no one has talked about. As the ball is in the air, tight end A.J. Derby blocks King in the back.
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Week 2 takeaways on Chris Carson, J.J. Nelson, Derrick Henry and more

The Seattle Seahawks have found their No. 1 back in rookie Chris Carson after watching him post 100 total yards on 21 touches against the San Francisco 49ers. But what should fantasy owners expect out of Carson, and how does he fit the offensive identity in Seattle? Let’s break down what Carson brings to Pete Carroll’s team and also take a look at Javorius Allen’s value in Baltimore, J.J. Nelson as a must-add this week and the expected boost in volume for Carolina Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin. Here are my Week 2 fantasy takeaways.

Jay Cutler completed 73 percent of his passes and threw zero interceptions in his debut with the Dolphins. He might not have racked up yardage, but he also didn’t make the big mistake. With Jay Ajayi continuing to power through defenses, Cutler playing it safe might be all Miami needs.

The offense is struggling right now, but if the Giants can fix their protection issues, Eli Manning could get going quickly. Manning is completing 77 percent of his passes when he isn’t pressured this season, and that’s without the help of Odell Beckham Jr. at 100 percent. Just give it (and Eli) time.

Deshaun Watson’s rushing ability could be enough to keep the Texans’ offense moving as he develops his passing skills. The rookie has scrambled for a league-high 82 yards so far this season, including a game-changing 49-yard score Thursday night.
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